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1+1 Toilet Trailer

The smallest of ours trailer units, the 1+1 is perfect for private parties and small functions. Suitable for up to 120 guests over an 8 hour period, our luxury 1+1 comprise of one male and one female toilet with hot hand wash facilities. 

Approximate dimensions: Length 16’5” x width 6’26” x height 10’ (5m x 1.98m x 3.05m)

  • 2+1
  • 2+1 internal

2+1 & 2+2 Trailer Units

Our 2+1 and 2+2 units are some of our most popular trailers for weddings and medium-large sizes private events. Suitable for up to 170 guests over an 8 hour period, our luxury 2+1 comprise of two female toilets plus one male toilet and two urinals with warm hand wash facilities. Both units have a similar layout, the 2+2 has an additional male cubicle and no urinals.

Approximate dimensions:

2+1 Length 18’6” x width 7’6” x height 10’ (5.64m x 2.29m x 3.05m)

2+2 Length 16’6’’ x Width 6’6’’ x Height 10’ (5.03 x 1.98 x 3.05)

  • 3+1
  • 3+1

3+1 Trailer Unit

Our 3+1 trailer units are perfect for larger events with up to 200 guests over a typical 8 hour event. Comprising of three ladies toilets, and one gents toilet - plus three urinals, it's the perfect toilet facility for a large outdoor event. 

Approximate dimensions: Length 22’6” x width 7’6” x height 10’ (6.86m x 2.29m x 3.05m)


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3+1 + Disabled 

Our custom built 3+1+disabled trailer unit is a new addition to the product range for 2020. Built with full DDA compliance it is perfect for larger events with up to 200 guests and has a built in electric ramp allowing easy access into the disabled loo. Comprising of three ladies toilets, one gents toilet, three urinals and a disabled loo it really is the perfect toilet facility for a large outdoor event.

  • 4+2
  • 4+2
  • 4+2

4+2, 4+3 & 4+4 Trailer Units

These trailer units are a popular choice for events with 400/500 guests. With four ladies’ loos and two, three or four gentlemen’s, plus three urinals (in the 4+2), they feel spacious without taking up too much outside space.  The 4+3 and 4+4 units have no urinals as the space if used for additional cubicles. There is a central connecting door that can be opened to create a large single sex 6, 7 or 8 bay trailer unit.

Approximate dimensions:

4+2 Length 23’ x width 7’6’’ x Height 10’ (6.97m x 2.29m x 3.05m)

4+3 Length 23’ x Width 7’6’’ x Height 10’ (6.97m x 2.29m x 3.05m)

4+4 Length 23’ x Width 7’6’’ x Height 10’ (6.97m x 2.29m x 3.05m)

14 bay trailer

14 Bay Trailer Unit

The largest of our trailer units, the 14-bay trailer unit consists of 14 individual cubicles, each with their own access doors, individual loo and washbasin. With cubicles on each side, they can either be used as unisex toilets, or signage can create a male and female side. Ideal for 1000 guests during an 8-hour period, it’s the perfect space maximising trailer for large events.


Approximate dimensions: Length 26’6’’ x Width 7’6’’ x Height 10’ (8.08 m x 2.29 m x 3.05m)


  • Urinal Trailer
  • Urinal Trailer
  • Urinal Trailer

Urinal Trailer

Our luxury urinal trailer units are a popular choice for private events where privacy is paramount. The urinals trailers are self-contained with large holding tanks so can hold a large capacity of waste, minimising the need for emptying. They are usually used alongside other toilet trailers, in hospitality areas to reduce queuing and aid efficiency.

Disabled with shower

Disabled trailer unit

Our disabled trailer unit it the perfect trailer for an event needing wheelchair access or baby changing facilities. The unit includes one basin and disabled access loo, and also a wall mounted baby changing facility. The smart exterior and easy access ramp make this a popular solution for most large outdoor events.

Approximate dimensions: Disabled Trailer Length 10’6’’ Plus 10’ Ramp x Width 6’6’’ x Height  8’3’’ (3.2m Plus Ramp 3.05m  x 1.98 x 3.05 )

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Single Trailer Unit

Our single trailer toilets are ideal for small events or garden parties. They come complete with heating, hot wash facilities and lighting with mains power supply connection, or self-contained generator. They're a popular choice for events that want something a little more upmarket than a single plastic toilet.

Key features:
  • Hot wash facilities
  • Lighting
  • Mains power or generator
  • Loowatt Trailer(1)
  • Loowatt Pod(2)

Loowatt Toilets

Our fleet of Loowatt toilets provide luxury, waterless toilets offering a clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly experience for your guests.  The waterless technology means they can be used anywhere, removing the need for mains connection or disruptive pump trucks on site.

The patented system uses a liner to draw waste down, out of the bowl, removing germs and odours and leaving a clean bowl after every flush. The waste is sealed in a concealed barrel, when these are full, they are removed, replaced and collected for processing. This means waste can be securely stored and collected at the end of the event if required.

The Loowatt waterless technology and waste disposal system is completely unique, always popular, it delivers a premium experience alongside versatility and sustainability.

Key features

●       Completely chemical and water free

●       Electric flush

●       Available in 4 seat pods or 6 seat trailers

●       Pods come equipped with hand sanitizer, trailers have sinks


Pod size (m):  1.9W x 2.5L x 2.8H

Trailer size:  6m (L) x 2.45m (W) x 3m (H) + 1.25m L from towing bar


Find out more on these units at: www.loowatt.com 

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Our trailers

All of our luxury trailer units are built to a high standard, with real attention to detail both inside and out. Each bathroom contains a bright vanity area, ceramic sink, large mirror, down lighting and luxury hand soap. Our trailer units come complete with skirting fitted around the base to cover the wheels, and LED steps for ease of use day and night.

Each of our units are self-contained, but many have the ability to be connected to mains water and drainage if desired. Our trailers require a power source on site of either a generator or a 240V power supply (standard household power supply), extension leads and adapters can be provided on request. Our Loo Hire team know all about the power supply and connections requirements, so they’ll always make sure you have what we need before the trailer is delivered. 


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