Environmental Policy

The A1 Group believes in succeeding as a business by building a sustainable future for our shareholders, clients and employees. We operate with respect for our local and global environment by using our resources efficiently through continuous improvement programmes. Our overriding objective is to put the client first in every aspect of our organisation. By building a sustainable future we endeavour to offer products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability and satisfy a client’s requirements and expectations whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

Environmental Policy Statement

The A1 Group business activity involves the hire of plant and sanitation equipment to local and regional businesses. At the A1 Group, we believe that strong environmental management is vital to future growth, development and the success of the company. Our complete business focus on environmental improvement is based on the belief that we have a responsibility to our stakeholders, clients, staff and the local and global environment to provide sustainable products and services. The A1 Group recognises and accepts its responsibility for its impact on the local and global environment and is committed to continually improving our environmental performance through defined objectives and targets. As an absolute minimum we are committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant legislation and industry codes of conduct
  • Preventing environmental pollution through effective process design and management
  • Developing programmes to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Developing opportunities for reduction, re-use and recycling of waste projects
  • Working with our supply chain to promote best environmental practice throughout the lifecycle of our products and services

Environmental improvements are delivered through our documented Environmental Management System (EMS). This is owned and driven by the General Manager. Our EMS not only meets the needs of our clients and fully complies with the ISO standards but also adds measurable value to the company and its stakeholders. The A1 Group is committed to providing the appropriate resources to deliver its environmental objectives and targets. This includes ensuring environmental issues discussed as part of the H&S committee Board meetings and that there is an integrated environmental training programme. The A1 Group Environmental Policy applies to all Employees and is made available to all stakeholders through its publication on the A1 Group website.