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Keeping the community flowing

We've got a wealth of public sector experience, with clients like Parliament, The Royal Parks, and numerous local councils. We deliver planned maintenance through service contracts that include:

  • Cess pit emptying
  • Welfare servicing
  • Contaminated waste removal

We also have a team of engineers on-call 24/7 for:

  • Emergency CCTV drain surveys
  • Root and concrete cutting
  • Drain relining and repairs
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Metal Recycling

It's essential for public sector establishments to dispose of their waste in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.

We supply containers to amenities sites across the south for the collection and disposal of scrap metal. We also partner with local councils, providing scrap metal collection services from house clearances to abandoned metal items.   

And did you know: we're a leading collector of uninsured vehicles across the south east? We can collect, impound and crush untaxed, uninsured, damaged and abandoned vehicles.

Our metal recycling services
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Portable Loos for the Community

A1 Loo Hire works with local councils and schools, providing portable toilet facilities for events and election services, and emergency toilet facilities for council-run buildings, parks and schools.

We also partner with civil engineering firms to provide toilet and welfare facilities for council projects like road redevelopments and town regenerations.


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