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COVID-19 cleaning

COVID-19 specialist cleaning service 


Using advice from Public Health England and the highest-grade cleaning chemicals, we've developed a COVID-19 deep cleaning solution. Our Coronavirus sanitisation service is suitable for all non-healthcare premises, whether you've had a confirmed case of Coronavirus or simply want to take precautionary measures.


We'll sanitise all touch points, surfaces, equipment and floors. Our service is tailored to your premises, and our team will deliver exact levels of germ control —you'll get a detailed report on which surfaces have been cleaned, by which team member.


Emergency Coronavirus Cleaning

Had a confirmed case of COVID-19? We'll get a cleaning team to you the same day for full decontamination. Our teams are available 24 hours a day so your business can get back up and running as quickly as possible.


Precautionary Measures

We can offer scheduled daily and weekly cleans to maintain the highest levels of hygiene in your premises. This service is bespoke to your needs, and can include daily / weekly fogging and touch point surface sanitising.

Prison cell cleaning

Prison cell cleaning


Prison buildings and cells are often exposed to distressing or unsanitary conditions involving blood, excrement and other bodily fluids, which can cause a severe health risk for both prison staff and prisoners themselves.

Our specialist deep clean and decontamination team are available 24/7 across the south east and our expertly trained technicians are on hand to carry out professional specialist cleaning and disinfection services.

Our prison cleaning service provides comprehensive deep cleaning to disinfect cells, communal areas and areas of confined space. Our fogging service sprays extremely small droplets of a disinfectant that are able to settle in small, hard to reach areas that may be unattainable using conventional cleaning methods.  

Bird dropping removal

Bird dropping removal


Our technicians are fully trained to remove bird droppings from internal and external locations and provide a thorough cleaning and sanitation service to all contaminated areas. 


Due to its acidic properties, if left unattended, bird droppings can cause serious health risks and building damage. Bird droppings can also make their way into ventilation systems and air ducting and drainage systems which can lead to expensive repairs. If the droppings enter your ventilation system they can spread bad odours and contaminants posing a significant health risk to the public and your staff.

Health risks posed from bird dropping exposure include;


  • Psittacosis – this is a rare infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia psittaci. It is mainly associated with parrots and other similar species but does affect other birds, including pigeons. Symptoms are commonly a flu-like illness and pneumonia usually appearing 5-19 days after exposure.
  • Salmonella – this may also be present in some bird droppings. It is a bacterial infection that can cause significant diarrhoea.
Flood water clean-up

Flood water clean-up 


Our 24-hour fast response flood service is always on hand to control and clean up flood water whether it be caused by overwhelmed drainage or sewer systems, or flooding from rivers and lakes. Complete with leading vacuum tanker technology, our years of experience in dealing with contaminated flood water make us a popular choice for commercial business and local authorities.


Our Whale tankers provide the fastest and most efficient liquid removal capabilities minimizing damage caused by flooding, and restoring infrastructure with minimal down time and disruption.  


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working with A1 Wet Waste

Working with A1 Wet Waste

Don’t let waste management stress you out. At A1, we specialise in innovative, integrated waste management solutions made simple. We provide one off services, through to long term contracts all with great flexibitility. With our integrated services, busy fleet of specialist vehicles and outstanding customer service, we’re ready to help you manage your waste better.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll get your waste sorted. Efficient, reliable, professional — that’s a promise.