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20-foot solar powered welfare unit

The bespoke 20-foot solar powered welfare unit is a pure eco-unit  designed and manufactured by the A1 Loo Hire Rail Division after noticing a requirement for the unit within the rail industry. The silent unit is ideal near residential developments as the solar panels power the batteries, meaning there’s no need for a generator. The unit comes inclusive of a large shower cubicle and split male and female bathroom facilities including 5 toilet cubicles and 5 urinals. The welfare unit has a large capacity water tank and waste tank and has also been fitted with an insulated fresh water tank to avoid water freezing in the winter. The unit can also be plugged into mains power if available.

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20-foot welfare pod

The largest of our on-site welfare units, the 20-foot eco unit includes a modern and open plan canteen space including a table and comfortable seating area for up to 10 - 16 people. Our 20-foot units come inclusive of running hot water, microwave and kettle along with a separate toilet and drying room. The unit is perfect for rail projects as it also comes with Office space to use as a signing in point, containing power sockets for laptop and phone charging. The start-stop eco generator makes it a great fit for eco friendly sites across the UK. 

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16-foot eco welfare toilet blocks (ecosmart 3+4)

This self-contained toilet facility consists of 3 ceramic toilets, 4 waterless urinals, and 2 hand wash stations. Ideal for remote locations, the unit comes complete with a large 800 litre waste tank and 600 litre water fresh water tank, meaning it can support a team of up to 40 workers, 5 nights per week between services.

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7.5 tonne Isuzu welfare / tool lorry

Our custom built, 7.5 tonne Euro 5 rail welfare/tool lorry has a 2.5 tonne pay load allowing easy and secure transport of tools to railway access points for workers. They come fully equipped with eco welfare facilities including toilet and canteen area for up to 10 people, as well as a signing in area for staff. With power sockets for laptops and phone charging points, they are the perfect multi-functional unit for welfare and tool transportation.

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