A Successful Start To The Summer Season

A1 Group

Royal Windsor Horse Show

As the summer of 2024 kicks off, A1 Loo Hire and A1 Wet Waste have made a return to The Royal Windsor Horse Show, showcasing their exceptional waste management services. From portable toilet hire to on-site attendee support and discreet waste services, their contributions have ensured the event ran smoothly and to the highest standards.

Their commitment to excellence was evident throughout the show. A1 Loo Hire provided luxury portable toilets, ensuring attendees had access to clean and comfortable facilities. Meanwhile, A1 Wet Waste managed waste discreetly and efficiently, maintaining the event's pristine condition and enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

The Operations Director of the Royal Windsor Horse Show expressed their gratitude in a heartfelt testimonial:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and, at times, that is exactly what happened. Through your hard efforts, working through the rain, putting on world class entertainment and staging the mountains of competition, the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Royal Windsor Endurance blossomed last week...Your units, staff and delivery were amazing and a special thanks to Tom and Liam and Michael’s tanker team. So, thank you for all that you did to make Royal Windsor Horse Show happen."

This glowing testimonial underscores the hard work and dedication of the A1 Loo Hire and A1 Wet Waste teams. Their professionalism and commitment shone through, contributing significantly to the event's success. Special recognition was given to Tom, Liam, and Michael’s tanker team, whose efforts were instrumental in ensuring seamless operations.

A1 Loo Hire and A1 Wet Waste have set a high bar for the season, demonstrating their ability to deliver world-class services even under challenging circumstances. Their involvement in The Royal Windsor Horse Show not only highlights their expertise but also cements their reputation as leaders in the waste management industry. As the summer progresses, they are poised to continue delivering outstanding service, ensuring that events across the country can run efficiently and hygienically.