New Depot Equipment for A1 Wokingham Car Spares

Scrap Yard

Introducing the newest equiptment to A1 Wokingham Car Spares

  • Prep Stand - Customers that like to get hands on can come to our scrap yard and strip their car themselves! This stand enables them to safely get around the car and remove almost all parts. 
  • High Stand - This new piece of equiptment gives safe and ease of access to underneath a vehicle. 
  • Scissor Ramp - This mechanical lifting device with a platform that remains horizontal to the floor as it raises and lowers on the scissors, assists with stripping the parts from a vehicle to then go on the shelf for resale. 
  • Side Tip Machine - Enables our operatives to remove engines from vehicles in a safe manner. 

We are continuing looking for ways to make our scrap yard a safer place to work, and these are great additions to this. 

  • Prep Stand 1
  • Prep Stand 2
  • Power Stand 1
  • Scissor Lift 2
  • Side Tip Machine 1
  • Side Tip Machine 2
  • Side Tip Machine 3

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