Global Recycling day 2022

A1 Group

Global Recycling Day 2022 - March 18th

A day to showcase why we love metal recycling here at The A1 Group.  Scrap metal is not waste, it is a very valuable resource that can be continuosly reused.  We regard our metal recycling facility at Highland Avenue, Wokingham as a ground level mine, rich with resources that can be reused to preserve the environment. 

By recycling copper saves up to 85% of the energy used in primary production.  Using recycled lead instead of ore reduces CO2 emissions by 99%.  Recycling just 1 aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV for up to 3 hours or an Ipad for up to 20 hours.  Recycling metals substantially reduces your carbon footprint, protects the environment and helps to mitigate climate change.

Aluminium can be recycled numerous times without loss of quality, recycling just one tonne of aluminium saves up to 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  There is still a ton of Ferrous metal that's being lost in landfills and not recycled.  If we could move 1% we could recycle 180,000 tons of metal equivalent to 5 Eiffel Towers for every city of the world!


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