Empowering Staff with Life-Saving First Aid Skills

A1 Group

In a proactive move towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its workforce, A1 Group, recently partnered with Skills Training Group to provide comprehensive first aid training to its employees. The initiative, aimed at equipping staff members with essential life-saving skills, saw 11 individuals from all division and depots taking part and successfully passing.

The training session, conducted by a certified instructor from Skills Training Group, covered a wide range of topics including basic life support, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), wound care, and emergency response protocols. Participants were guided through practical demonstrations and interactive exercises, enabling them to gain hands-on experience in administering first aid in various scenarios.

"It's crucial for every member of our team to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergency situations. By partnering with Skills Training Group, we've taken a proactive step towards ensuring the safety of our employees and creating a more resilient workplace environment." stated Louise Bowness, Health and Safety Advisor of A1 Group.

The importance of first aid training cannot be overstated, especially in workplaces where accidents or medical emergencies may occur. Having employees who are trained in first aid can significantly reduce the severity of injuries, provide immediate assistance to those in need, and potentially save lives.

During the training, participants were educated on the correct procedures to follow when someone requires first aid assistance. From assessing the scene for safety to performing necessary interventions and contacting emergency services, the training emphasized the importance of remaining calm and composed during high-stress situations.

All 11 members of staff who participated in the first aid training successfully passed the course, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a safe and supportive workplace. A1 Group plans to continue investing in training opportunities that enhance the skills and capabilities of its workforce, with a focus on promoting health, safety, and well-being across all divisions.

By prioritising employee training and fostering a culture of preparedness, A1 Group sets a commendable example for other organisations seeking to prioritise workplace safety and empower their staff with life-saving skills.

Thank you to Skills Training Group for a successful, insightful training day.

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