A1’s Claire Djemal awarded WAMITAB Operator Competence Certificate

A1 Group

WAMITAB Operator Competence Qualifications

We are delighted that our Operations Manager; Claire Djemal has been awarded with the CIWM (WAMITAB) level 4 Medium Risk Operator Competence for Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment and Transfer and level 4 Medium Risk Operator Competence for Physical Treatment.

What is WAMITAB and how long does it last?

WAMITAB is an awarding organization and charity that develops qualifications for those working in resource management and recycling, cleaning; street cleansing, facilities management; and parking from operative through to management level.  Since it was formed in 1989, WAMITAB has evolved in line with the convergence between the sectors with a clear focus on promoting and supporting environmental sustainability.  WAMITAB qualifications demonstrate that you have the level of knowledge and skills required for ensuring that a waste site fully complies with the Environmental Permitting Regulations.  Technically competent people in England and Wales are required to pass their Continuing Competence test every two years.

Claire, our Operations Manager has worked incredibly hard over the past 18 months to meet all of the criteria needed to reach the Level 4 accreditation which includes the following units;

·         Maintain health and safety in the waste resource management industry

·         Manage the environmental impact of work activities

·         Manage the movement, sorting and storage of waste

·         Manage the reception of non-hazardous waste

·         Manage transfer and disposal from non-hazardous waste treatment and recovery operations

·         Manage site operations for the treatment of non-hazardous waste

Claire completed the qualifications with Lonrac who provide technical competence assessment services for a range of accredited WAMITAB qualifications that are required by operators of waste management and recycling facilities that hold an environmental permit.  Claire has a very busy job ensuring all of our operations are in the best possible shape.  Being awarded the Level 4 Operator Competence confirms that we employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the Environment Permitting Regulations.  Congratulations to Claire for her consistent hard work in achieving this and for the continuing work into the future to continue to comply.