A1 Wet Waste boasts cutting edge innovation with a new Roll on /Roll off Tanker

A1 Wet Waste

The Wet Waste team productively use lockdown to innovate and create a brand-new tanker!

Introducing the newest fleet addition to A1 Wokingham Wet Waste - the Roll n off tanker.  After an interesting and uncertain time of COVID-19, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to innovate and collaborate with J Pratley & Sons (metal fabricators) based in Burghfield to create a roll on / roll off tanker for our wet waste division. This new tanker boasts 3000 gallons of waste storage which means that the tank can now be left on site and used as a storage tank for a large block of toilets.  This reduces the amount of vehicle movement required to empty the tank as it will be emptied less regularly – ideal for sites where vehicle access may be tricky and it also helps to reduce our carbon footprint too!

Demand for tankers is really high and it normally takes up to 2 years on the waiting list to get hold of new tankers.  The wet waste team found an old tank that was previously used for slurry/animal waste on a farm, we recognised that this was a good size and so we got in touch with J Pratley & Sons to refabricate this old tank to add a water tank with a brand-new pump in order to complete the upgrade.

The £200,000 investment will make a huge difference to our work load, the vehicle can be used as a tanker or skip lorry allowing increased capabilities and versatility.  We can now offer further affordability for our customers and thus enabling us to meet our current customer demand - as well as giving us the scope to take on new projects!   This tanker is ideal for use at festivals, events, building projects and large construction sites.   We took delivery of it in August in time for a number of festivals and events that ran through the summer of 2021.


Equipment /technical details:

• 3000-gallon tanker

• Completely self-contained

• Suitable for a number of applications

• Based on a Hook lift frame

• Delivery available nationwide

  • rollonrollofftanker2021
  • rollonrollofftanker2021

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