A1 Supports 'Cycle for Shane' Charity Bike Ride

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Cycle for Shane - Raising funds to research SUDEP

We are always looking out for ways to make a difference through supporting a variety of charities whether local to our depots or ones with a touching story. Earlier this year our Directors, Russell & Sally Pike crossed paths with old work friends who had an upsetting story about their son Shane who had sadly passed away. Their touching story naturally led to our next charitable donation – Cycle for Shane raising funds for SUDEP action and Epilepsy Ireland.

About Shane

Shane Corrigan was just 23 when he died suddenly and unexpectedly from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) in January 2018. He is buried on Achill Island, Co. Mayo. This is the destination for Shane’s memorial cycle ride that took place on August 27th 2022. Shane was born in Castlebar, County Mayo in 1994. Shortly after Shane was born, his family relocated to Saudi Arabia, before returning to Castlebar in 1999. In 2001 Shane moved to Buckinghamshire, UK with his mum Margaret/Peggy, his dad Kevin and his little sister Megan.

Shane had his first seizure when he was in his second year at Southampton University. He was just 20 when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. With the support from his family and friends Shane learnt to cope with the diagnosis and the adjustments he needed to make to his way of life. He could no longer drive, he had to be careful to get enough sleep and he needed to be wary about how much he drank on nights out with friends. Despite this, through his strength of character, Shane continued with his happy-go-lucky attitude describing his condition as an inconvenience and nothing more. Shane went on to complete his degree at Southampton University and subsequently he achieved a master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University.

The Bike Ride

The bike ride consisted of 21 amazing people, many of whom have not cycled since they were children including Shane's mum who all want to do something amazing in Shane's memory. The ride’s starting point was Harewood Downs Golf Club (UK), where a tree has been planted in his memory. Harewood Downs was a place that Shane spent many an hour practising his swing and working in the club house. The team left Harewood Downs Golf Club on 20 August and arrived in Achill Island where he is buried on 27 August 2022.

The event was a great success with supporters coming from all over to cheer on the riders on their journey. The event has so far raised over £140,000 for SUDEP, an incredible amount of money which will fund life saving research for those suffering with Epilepsy.

There's still time to donate to this worthy cause through their go fund me page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/cycle-for-shane-london-to-achill

At least 21 people in the UK and 2 people in Ireland die each week because of Epilepsy. Many of these deaths are potentially avoidable.