A1 supports the Cowshed's Christmas 2021 Appeal

A1 Group

The A1 group really care about their local community and were thrilled to support The Cowshed charity Christmas 2021 appeal.  Christmas is often a difficult time for families who are struggling and particularly this year with Covid and the continuing threat it faces for so many of us.  Cowshed is a relatively new charity (established in 2018) which provides support to people of all backgrounds in a time of personal crisis.  The aim is to provide good quality cleaned and ironed clothes and other essentials free to anyone in need providing help to those fleeing domestic abuse, individuals and families experiencing emergency rehousing, health issues resulting in poverty, the homeless, poor housing conditions to name but a few.  All of these people are in our local community and require essential help.

On the 13th December members of The A1 team made a visit to meet The Cowshed to deliver a boot load of gifts ordered from their Christmas Appeal wish list in order to be distributed to vulnerable families ready for Christmas.  It was wonderful to see the work these guys are carrying out at their premises.  The unit was full of wrapped gifts ready to be shipped out, it really was heart-warming to see and feel the love in the room. The Cowshed are incredibly grateful for the donations and here is what they had to say!

"The Cowshed would like to say a huge thank you to A1 Group for their very generous donation of gifts towards our Christmas Appeal this year.  We have been asked to support over 1,800 children and 400 single adults from vulnerable families across Berkshire and we couldn’t do that without support from the local community and businesses like A1.  The last two years have been very challenging; funding and opportunities to fundraise have been limited while the charity has seen a massive increase in the number of people being referred to us for support. It’s wonderful to see how local businesses share our mission to help others and this donation from A1 will go a long way to helping families in difficult situations have a special Christmas this year.  Thank you A1 Group!"

The Cowshed really is an amazing charity and it is heart-breaking to hear the stories of those in need and the help The Cowshed has given them. The Pandemic has hit everyone hard and times continue to be tough so if there was ever a need to help each other, then now really is the time. The charity is always grateful for support and it doesn’t always have to be monetary, please help us spread the word about the wonderful work this charity does and how it is appreciated in the community.  Find out more about the work they do by visiting www.thecowshed.org

Wishing everyone at the Cowshed a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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