A1 Group Passed Alcumus ISOQAR Audit

A1 Group


At the End of January 2024, the A1 Group was Audited by Alcumus ISOQAR for recertification.


Alcumus ISOQAR is a leading UK-based certification body. Alcumus ISOQAR specialises in auditing and certifying organisations' management systems to various international standards, including ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management), and others.

The audit process involves a thorough examination of an organisation's management system, procedures, processes, and documentation to ensure compliance with the relevant ISO standards. The audit is typically conducted by trained auditors who assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation's systems and processes in meeting the requirements of the chosen ISO standard.

The Alcumus ISOQAR audit aims to provide independent verification that an organisation's management system meets the requirements of the applicable ISO standard, demonstrating the organisation's commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, occupational health and safety, or other relevant areas depending on the standard being audited.

Upon successful completion of the audit, the organisation may be awarded certification, which serves as formal recognition of its compliance with the ISO standard. This certification can enhance the organisation's reputation, credibility, and competitiveness in the marketplace, as it demonstrates a commitment to best practices and continuous improvement.


After three extremely long days of assessments we are pleased to announce we passed with flying colours with no major or minor non conformances.

At the A1 Group we pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible levels of competence in ALL areas of our business and by having the ISO accreditation in 9001 quality / 14001 Environmental and 45001 Health and Safety. We believe this underlines the first class service we provide.