A1 Group donate £3k to Berkshire Animal Connection Charity

A1 Group

The A1 group really care about their local community and were thrilled to support a local animal charity throughout the latest lockdown.  The Berkshire Animal Connection Centre is based in rural Berkshire and the animals that live there are there for a reason. This reason may be that they have been rescued from a troubling situation and they need to live out the rest of their days in peace in an environment conducive to their rehabilitation and needs.

Last week members of our team made a visit to meet The Berkshire Animal Connection Centre to see the wonderful work these guys are carrying out.

BACC are incredibly grateful for the £3k donation made back in April and here is what they had to say!

"We wanted to say a massive thank you to A1 Group for their £3k donation made to the charity. We are blown away to receive support from yet another local, successful company who wants to support our mission and the work we do with our animals. April was a funny time of year, coming towards the end of the major lockdowns and also into a new financial year. This donation helped us to recoup some much needed funds heading into this new period and we are so grateful"  Thank you A1 Group. With the support of local business like you, BACC has gone from strength to strength, helping as many animals and people as we can along the way.

This is an amazing charity and it is heart-breaking to hear the stories of how some of these animals are treated before Berkshire Animal Connection Centre take them in! The Pandemic has hit everyone hard and times continue to be tough so if there was ever a need to help each other, then now is the time! The charity is always grateful for support and it doesn’t always have to be monetary, please help us spread the word about the work this charity does and how it is appreciated in the community.  Find out more about the work they do by visiting www.animalconnectioncentre.org